Harsh Amber founded his label in 2018. He started his professional career with a bachelors degree from NIFT, Kolkata. He graduated with several highly regarded awards in his pockets, some of them being, "The Best Design Collection", as well as the "Best Creative Collection".

His passion for deep rooted Indian history, drives and inspires him to create statement pieces, which complements his keen eye for styling which in turn adds a certain pop and transforms any outfit styled. His design studio is a rare contiguity of intricate Indian elements and clean cuts. These meticulously detailed, structured, unorthodox silhouettes with sharp lines and neutral colours are crafted to lend edge to modern Indian women and men. He creates a unique combination of unusual minimal prints and fabric manipulation through fine crafts and textiles of India, which reverberates in a collection which possesses new proportions as well as a modern twist.